Saturday, May 16, 2015

1000 SONGS - DAY 334 SONG # 365

Day 333: Ambient Before Ambient Ever Happened

John Abercrombie is certainly one of the good jazz guitarists that were already there in the 70ies and more on the alternative side. I once owned his album "Timeless" (featuring Jan Hammer and Jack de Johnette), a timeless recording published on the mostly brilliant ECM-label. This here, the title track, strikes me as being ambient music before someone (I guess it was Brian Eno) created this label. A timeless beauty, methinks, worth to close thefirst year of the 1000 Songs Challenge. Actually, the video does not load any more (due to some restrictions). As I have bouhht the album, I felt free to share this great piece of music in order to get others to buy it, too. Apparently, Kontor New Media Music does not approve this kind of disseminating strategy.