Sunday, October 28, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 248 SONG # 279

DAY 248: Beautiful Music from Seattle

There is more than Grunge and SubPop to Seattle. F.e., Transmissionary Six, a band with ties to the Walkabouts, The Willard Grant Conspiracy and the like (sounds like alternative folk rock). In principle, singer/songwriters Terri Moeller and Paul Austin form Transmissionary Six, both of them having also been members of the Walkabouts. They have recorded 7 albums from 2002 to 2008 before giving up the project. Now they have started again, as one can read on their homepage. German Wikipedia is more detailed about them than the English one (so, I guess, they are more successful in Europe than in North America). Therefore, I've linked to the description of the band on the homepage of  FILMguerrero, (one of) their record label(s). Ever since I have first heard "Infrared" (thx to Hermann Dörfler), this tune stuck to my mind. I had a hard time searching for it, since there is a Placebo song called Infrared, that will always pop up before the TM6 tune in search machines. It has a kind of Velvet Underground or Lou Reed feeling to me (or a bit of Galaxy 500), but this is not all about the tune, there is an extra, that only TM6 seem to be able to add to that kind of music. The other tune is Zero Gravity (also featured on TM6's homepage). Go and buy their records!:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 247 SONG # 278

Day 247: A beautiful song by a singer from Algiers

Souad Massi was born to a  Kabylian family in Algiers, Algeria, 40 years ago. After having started a career as a musician, she was more or less forced by her circumstances to work as an engineer for an architect. She joined the hard rock  group Atakor at the end of 1997 (or begining of 1998), but went to Paris in 1999, where she started her career as a solo artist in 2001 with her first album Raoui.  She is decribed by critcis as a singer/songwriter that incorporates different musical styles (from Fado and Flamenco to Country and Rock) into her musical style. A song from her first album that I particularly like, is "Pas de temps". Hopefully you have some time to listen to it.

On m'avais dit que la vie est belle
Mais moi je la trouve des fois cruelle
La fumé noir a pris la place du ciel
Les grandes tours ont caché des étoiles

J'ai plus de rêves, j'ai pas de maisons
J'ai pas de cheminée pour le feu
J'ai plus d'époque, j'ai pas de saisons
J'ai pas de temps pour ce jeu
J'ai pas de temps pour ce jeu là
J'ai pas de temps pour ce jeu
J'ai pas de temps pour ce jeu là
J'ai pas de temps pour ce jeu

Attendre la nuit pour pleurer
Cacher ses larmes jusqu'au soir
Ecouter le vide nous murmurer
Jusqu'au matin notre histoire

Seule dans la rue déserte
Seule traversant l'hiver
Je marche sans tourner le tête
Je suis mon chemin de solitaire

Friday, October 19, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 246 SONG #277

DAY 246: A Song from Ghana

Captain Yaba from Northern Ghana has already been featured on this blog, with the dance track Yaba Funk on Day 20, Song # 39 . I recommend to click on the link, read about the Captain's life  and listen to that track. But before you do that, listen to Nerinbalankina; 6 minutes of driving, liight funky African dance music. I came to know it as part of a sample CD with music from West Africa and it struck me immediately as an outstanding track on that compilation of fine songs. I am happy about having finally found it on You Tube.

1000 SONGS - DAY 245 SONG # 276

DAY 245: A song that reminds of someone

This song reminds me of two persons, both of them dead. The one is the man who plays the trumpet, Chet Baker. The other one is the singer, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, a musician, writer, poet and painter born in Lyon in 1956. French singer using the English tongue. Only recently I have learned that she died of cancer in 2004. She stayed in New York  as a young woman (middle of the seventies), where she made friends with Patti Smith and Richard Hell; there is a very starnge video showing her dancing and singing in a black and white kind of sweat suit to a disco version of Arthur Browns "Fire" (Serge Gainsbourg has something to do with that), she is considered to have been a pioneer of "Worldbeat", and, most importantly, I own three of the albums she made. My favourite one is the one for the soul, and it features this here track that came to my mind when thinking about another song to add to my 1000 favourite songs. Its mood is some kind of relaxed melancholy, I would say. Here it is, the Fog Horn Blues, from 1985:

I've burnt my mouth eating
The last of you
I'm leaving me
I'm through drinking
The least of you
Oh I'm leaving me
With nothing left
But the fog horn blues
Nothing left, but the fog horn blues...

The ocean turned full moon
And just for you
Oh I'm leaving me
I'm lip-reading
The best of you
Oh I'm leaving me
Rings under my eyes
With the fog horn blues

I've burnt my hair smoking
The lust of you
Oh I'm leaving me
I'm breast-feeding
The lack of you
Oh I'm leaving me
Out on a limb
With the fog horn blues

I stole a boat kissing
The waves of you
Oh I'm leaving me
I'm diving in
The deepest you
Oh I'm leaving me
Red rag to a bull
With the fog horn blues
Red rag to a bull
With the fog horn blues...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 244 SONG # 275

DAY 244: A song from my childhood and from one of my favourite movies

This here song has been featured prominently in Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise. The first version I came to know was the one featured on Creedence Clearwater Revival's debut album, on which one can also find one of the best versions of Suzie Q ever recorded. The song was written and first recorded by Screamin Jay Hawkins who did more than one recording of the song. One of his versions is featured in the Jarmusch movie, and the song is one among the 500 songs that are listed in the  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for having shaped Rock and Roll. Here is the originbal recording, followed by two performances done by SJH, one from his early years, one from later on. Aesthetically, he uses - in an ironic way -  the stereotypes about the black man's religion - voodoo - as constructed in the white man's imagination. Then there is a live version by CCR and one done by Nina Simone, one of my favourite musicians of all times (and this is a wonsderful version, as sure as hell):

Sunday, October 7, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 243 SONG # 274

DAY 243 - A Song about a guy driving a motorcycle

Here it is, as brought forth by Suicide in 1977, covered by angry man Henry Rollins (the version from Hot Animal Machine that I do like more than the one from Hard Volume as featured on the soundtrack of The Crow) and by the formidable Young Gods. More music, less words:

pure trance, longest and definitely best version:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 242 SONG #273

Day 242: One of my favourite waltzes

This waltz is said to be in 6/8 rather than in 3/4, and when clapping to it, I have the feeling that this might be right. Whatever the difference might be, this piece of music tends to be featured as the Waltz #2 of Shostakovitch's Jazz Suite #2 (even on the U-Tube links featured in this blog). This is wrong. The Waltz #2 is pièce 7 of the Suite for Variety Orchestra and nothing else. It has become famous for being used in the soundtrack of the Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut (one of the rare movies I like altough the man formerly married to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes stars in it). There exist also some versions of the theme I would rather not recommend (by Andre Rieux and James Last, f.e.). Here is a version one could appreciate, another one (with scenes from the movie in the background) that I find rather wonderful and a full rendering of the suite in question, a fine version, in my humble opinion.