Tuesday, August 4, 2009

summer, chaos and the go-betweens

The nice colleague sharing a room with me at THE INSTITUTE once remarked, that she could not understand, how I could work at a desk slovenly like mine. Answer: I do not work at that messy desk. I work at home. Matter of fact: slovenly at it might be, my desk at THE INSTITUTE (I got that 60ies avengers feeling down in my heart) is well-organised in comparison with the one I really work at. Here are pictures I took today (and yes, it is an image of Isabella Rosellini, and Blue Velvet is one of my favourite movies).
It is about using your holidays for bringing order into that mess and not succeeding.
Be that as it may, I realised that in my brain cells there exists some connection between that state of mind (usually occuring during summer) and the Go-Betweens, the best band Australia has ever produced (at least to my knowledge). Grant McLennan having passed away after they have had the hit they had deserved for years, it is just a memory.
I tried to find an acceptable version of "The Wrong Road" (did not succeed, as you might imagine), so here is:

The House Jack Kerouac buildt:

Cattle & Cane:

Spring rain

Hope you enjoyed it! If you don't like them, the choice of weapons is yours.

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