Thursday, December 6, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 257 SONG #288

Day 257: A truly great cover version of a truly great song

The Man in Me is a song from Bob Dylan's 1970 album New Morning, and it has always been one of my favourite songs from that LP - together with "If Not for You", "Time Passes Slowly", "Sign on the Window", "Three Angels" and "Father of Night", amongst others...). It has been featured in the soundtrack of The Big Lebowski (one of my favourite Coen Brothers movies, amongst others) and it has been covered brilliantly by Cracker, the best band in the whole wide world (amongst others). I first heard the Cracker Version on their last gig in Vienna (Chelsea Club) and it was simply great. Here is the best audio version I could find on UTUBE, although the video is rather an amateur's work. Be that as it may, we want the music, and Johnny Hickman RULEZ!

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