Friday, February 8, 2013

1000 SONGS - DAY 269 SONG # 300

Day 269: Some Songs from one of my Favourite Albums

I have already been writing about Tuxedo Moon, one of my fav bands, and especially about Mr. Blaine L. Reininger, one of the core members of this groundbreaking group, on this here blog. No need to introduce them any more to the few chosen ones that regularly read my enterings here. Half Mute from 1980 has been their first full album, after releasing two EPs, No Tears and Scream with a View. Back in 1980, this could and would have been considered Avant-Garde. It is hard to choose any one track from that album. In order of appearance on the original album, I start with "Nazca" (first track side one), followed by "59 to 1", "Loneliness", "Volo Vivace" and "Seven Years" to close this entry like the album closes with "KM / Seeding the Clouds". A strange kind of dark beauty.

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