Sunday, March 24, 2013

1000 SONGS - DAY 271 SONG # 302

DAY 302: 4 ways of kicking Edgar Allen Poe

1. The classical way of kicking Edgar Allen Poe is done by the one who invented it: Write some really strange lyrics, engage a man to write a string arrangement, add some noises unheard of so far in a piece of popular music, do something between singing and the not yet invented art of rapping to a simple 4/4 rhythm sounding like 2/4, but do it all on the basis of the blues scheme. Lennon:

2. Take away all the strange things, just stick to the chords and the lyrics, return to the blues in it, and record a lengthy number of british latte 60s avantgarde heavy blues. Spooky Tooth did it on "The Last Puff":

3. Stay in the line of Spooky Tooth, but make a straight stadium-rock version of the british tradition out of chords and lyrics. Oasis did it. This is the version on which I would like to be the drumme ("des foat schu urndlich", wie der Wiener sagt):

4. Return to the weirdness in it. The Flaming Lips did it. My favourite cover version. I admire John Lennon for having caused so many singers to remember the lyrics of that song. As you might expect. my favourite lines are: "elementary penguin  singing hare krishna, man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe". The Gallaghers are not really to the point with that, anyway (Liam comes in to soon with mentioning EAP, kind of  ejaculatio praecox).

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