Friday, June 27, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 322 SONG # 353

DAY 322: Best Version of a Song Formerly Posted

Self reference and creating self-refering loops by that technique is one of the greatest things invented in writing about things ever (or so, and in music, too). On February 17, 2011, I have written about "See That my Grave is Kept Clean", that it "is a song by Blind Lemon Jefferson, prominently featured on Bob Dylan's debut album, Bob Dylan. Many singers and bands have done versions of it, among them Steve Wynn's Dream Syndicate on their 1988 album 'Ghost Stories' (the version I would like to hear at my funeral - in case that there is some chance to hear anytghing on your own funeral), Lou Reed and Grateful Dead."
Then, there was no version of the version I would like to hear at my funeral available on YouTube or so. Now, there are two versions available, the studio version and the "EPIC LIVE VERSION". Greatest versions ever of one of the best songs ever, Dream Syndicate doing See That My Grave Is Kept Clean:

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