Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 327 SONG #358

DAY 327: Northern Soul's Inspiration

Northern Soul is either a musical style in Northern England or a life-style in Northern England heavily influenced by Motown RnB and Soul, especially by those "rare soul" tracks released on the many small labels by those gifted soul artists of the early 60ies. Here are three songs that would fit into these categories, the first one by Charles Sheffield, more a RnB thing in the great New Orleans tradition. And in that tradition, it is only natural, that Voodoo is mentioned. If you want to know more about "Voodoo", click here: http://cultrelhgh.blogspot.co.at/2009/08/zombies-leopards-and-genre-theory.html, if you want to know more about Charles Sheffield, click here: http://soulstrutter.blogspot.co.at/2009/09/ns596-charles-sheffield-its-your-voodoo.html.

We go on with Sherri Taylor and her wonderfully ringing bell - very straight to the point -  to end up with Ted Taylor and his complaints about all those other guys trying to ring the bell he alone is in charge of or so...

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