Friday, November 14, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 330 SONG # 361

Day 330: My Favourite Version of my Favourite Song about a Hat from 1967

Procol Harum have already been featured on this blog. There is many a fine song that Gary Brooker has composed with Keith Reid writing rather surrealistic lyrics to. Homburg certainly is among the utmost finest (to show some understatement). Certainly, the original version is a good one. Nevertheless, the one live version that Gary Brooker and some fine musicians have done here is unbeatable in my humble opinion. Here it is with lyrics:

Your multilingual business friend
Has packed her bags and fled
Leaving only ash-filled ashtrays
And the lipsticked unmade bed
The mirror, on reflection
Has climbed back upon the wall
For the floor she found descended
And the ceiling was too tall

Your trouser cuffs are dirty
And your shoes are laced up wrong
You'd better take off your Homburg
'Cause your overcoat is too long

Town clock in the market square
Stands waiting for the hour
When its hands they both turn backward
And on meeting will devour
Both themselves and also any fool
Who dares to tell the time
And the sun and moon will shadow
And the signpost cease to sign

For the sake of completeness, the original version (in a slower tempo with a younger voice):

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