Monday, October 19, 2015

1000 SONGS - DAY 343 SONG # 374

DAY 343: I'm satisfied with Delta Blues

Mississippi John Hurt (1892/3-1966) taught himself how to play the guitar when still a child of 9 years. He later started a short career as a blues musician, ending up as a farmer due to commercial failure of his records. In the 1960ies he entered the scene again together with some other rediscovered Delta Blues Musicians. Library of Congress recorded his songs that have later been interpreted by many artists such as Bob Dylan and Gillian Welch. There is a fine rendering of "I'm satisfied" by John Hiatt on "Avalon Blues - A tribute to the music of Mississippi John Hurt" (together with other fine versions of his songs done by musicians like Lucinda Williams.)  I include Mr. Hurt's recording of that song with his typical finger picking style instead of Stack O'Lee

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