Saturday, December 31, 2016

1000 SONGS - DAY 358 Song # 389

DAY 358: Are You Still Mad?

There are many fine Swedish singer-songwriters (Christian Kjellvander, for example). Then there is Annika Norlin. There are some of her songs I really like and some I do not like that much. This here song is really great, I love it. Unfortunately, the person who uploaded it to U:TUBE has forgotten to close the "video" at the end of the song. So there are two minutes (or so) of silence to it. Nevertheless, this does not fit all too bad to that very silent song.

Here is an English translation  of the lyrics, hopefully it is soemthing like correct:

Hey you, it's been a while
Six-hundred days, but who's really counting
And I thought you could hear from me and I'd say that everything is fine
I have met someone else now, he treats me well
I walk and hum all the time now
And I've colored my hair and I've gotten a pollen allergy and
Are you still mad?
Dad was at the hospital, he's coping well
But he is much thinner now
The cat had four fine babies
Three of them died and the fourth is named Sam
I learned to play harmonica, I got spare time when you disappeared
Are you still mad?
Are you still mad?
Can you still read me?
I used to scream and cry and puke
But there were days
I remember them
The best ever
Are you still mad?
I saw Kjell Höglund, I wish I was him
I went there alone
Anna said she saw you in the city
She said you looked happy and had a new hairstyle
She said it suited you, ah
And I, I hum a lot but I hardly sing anymore
And are you still mad?
Are you still tired?
Do you still wish that we never had met?

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