Thursday, October 29, 2009


Clem Snide is a wonderful band from the USA. The name of the band is taken from a character one can encounter when reading the novels of William S. Burroughs. The band consists mainly of singer/songwriter Eef Barzelay, a man born in Israel, but now living in the US. Besides other great songs (like: I love the Unknown, featured in a movie and therefore not unknown)

he has written lesser known, as my my favourite one I Woke Up to the Sound of German Hip-Hop:

I woke up to the sound of German hip hop in my head
A great unholy clatter quickly filling me with dread
I wondered then if silence had forever disappeared
What, with everybody yelling the end was finally here

I scrambled for the television, desperate for its light
Hoping that my favorite stars could stop this endless night
I waited for instructions, I waited for a sign
I listened very carefully when told just what to buy

Lovers became bitter, mathematicians counting crumbs
Some were filled with angry lust, the rest felt mostly numb
The sun became the enemy, they'd hunger after dark
And kill time swapping partners at a club called Noah's Arc

Those who spoke of doom impending, suffering and such
Had found the place in people's heart that beauty had once touched
They filled the auditorium, the tickets far from cheap
Those that couldn't get in started fighting in the street

The day came so we gathered in a field behind the mall
A noted scientist predicted there we'd see it all
The city council members came, they told us not to fear
The king and queen of homecoming both shed a poignant tear

Just like that it happened, the starling blinked its eye
The molecules collided and became part of the sky
All my life I've never known a moment quite so still
Like space that's being emptied at the same time that it's filled

I woke up to the sound of German hip hop in the air
It sounded like a hum of insects nesting in my hair
I wasn't so much tired but I felt that I should sleep
So I closed my eyes and mumbled something about a soul to keep

He also is the author of the "Jews for Jesus Blues" (there are movements apt to that category in the USA). Here is a rendering of the song found on UTUBE (live, not best quality soundwise), plus lyrics (later on). Better use the link above.

I was searching for something I could not describe
So I stared at the sun till the tears filled my eyes
Well I thought I was empty so I paid the cost
But now that I'm found I miss being lost

I opened my heart and I let Jesus in
With the promise that I would be free of my sins
But I only felt guilty that he died on the cross
Now that I'm found I miss being lost

I don't wanna suffer and I don't wanna die
I want the clouds parted in an endless, blue sky
But someone up there has a different plan
Now that I'm saved I wish I was damned

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  1. During the first couple of bars I might have sworn this was the voice of Neil Young, without room for any doubt ... just how strangely I hadn´t ever taken notice of such a nice song all the time ...