Sunday, October 25, 2009


In my (not so humble) opinion, if music is about to make any sense it has to be dionysian. Apollinian music is nothing but a rationalisation of its dionysian background (not to say: underground [nor: bedrock]). Therefore, Nick and Polly Jean are the cultural heroes of this blog. Here comes Polly Jean with desire, one small woman playing the guitar on a big stage:

Next we can watch her (wearing gloves) at Letterman's show, doing a sophisticated version of chaos, more on the apollinian side, although everyone can see/feel/hear the dionysian roots of that song.

Finally, the most wonderful song in this collection, featuring Nick's Bad Seeds featuring Polly Jean. Drink a bottle of wine, listen to that song, and in case you do not weep, you are no good!!

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