Sunday, May 23, 2010


There are drummers and drummers; some are good drummers, some are excellent drummers and some are creative drummers; very often the good ones, for reason of being members of famous bands or having played with famous musicians, are more widely known and acclaimed by the general public than the excellent & the creative ones.
Bobby Previte has neither been a member of Metallica nor of Red Hot Chillie Peppers or Gun's Roses; he has not been featured on records or live appearances of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Neil Young or John Fogerty; among musicians he collaborated with we can only name ones like Wayne Horvitz, Bill Frisell, Tom Waits, Guy Klucevsek, John Zorn and Eliott Sharp. And he has been featured on one of my favourite movies: Short Cuts by Robert Altman. Besides being a drummer of high virtuosity, he is also a critically acclaimed composer.
Here is some fine music he is responsible for, The Coalition of The Willing, Airstrip 1:

Great piece of music with excellent drum performance, in my humble opinion.

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