Thursday, December 23, 2010


The 30 day song challenge – somebody has invented it and one can find many people on the internet who go through it, be it on blogs, on fb on twitter or wherever. The idea behind it is, that the one who posts 30 something songs fitting into one of the respective 30 categories reveals something about him/herself that way. Always having liked the idea of revealing my feelings, thoughts, moods, ambitions and the like rather metaphorically than directly (I know, there is no direct way, I’ve studied semiotics) I came to like the idea. At the same time that this process was going on, somebody wrote in an e-mail to me: btw., would be nice to have some new entries on your music blog (vanity struck me like lightning!). Furthermore, there is that old joke about me saying (twelve times in a row when listening to music): „this is the best song in the world“ – namely, that according to me, there are at least 1.000 best songs in the world. So what the fuzz about a 30 days song challenge? I will take the 1095 days song challenge, three years (more or less, depends on February). On the other hand, the way my life is (not) organised, i will not be able to post a song each day for three years. So I made up my mind to post at least 1000 songs during the next three years (XMAS 2010 to XMAS 2013) here, all neatly categorised according to the 30day song challenge. The next 10 posts (including that one) will feature 3 tracks each and after ten days I will have gone through the 30 day song challenge at least once and in a tour de force. This is a kind of assurance: whatever the outcome of my pretentious undertaking will be (not to be ever finished, I guess), at least, I will have done the canonical 30 songs. Btw, I know that no-one will have the nerve to follow my three-years song-challenge.

Be that as it may, I have to start with Day 01 – Your favourite song. This is a hard task, since there are so many; but as I have already written so much, all of the three songs featured in this first entry on a topic that will generate so many of those have to be self-explaining; so the „favourite song“ has to be a classic, often played, often heard, known by everybody, simple but still provoking extraordinary moods after having been heard a thousand times – this could be, to name but two examples; Otis Redding, Sitting on Dock of the Bay or Herman’s Hermits, No Milk Today. However, this first one will be something like MY REALLY FAV SONG, and – satisfying all the needs mentioned above (at least it should really be often played, heard and known by everybody), I chose the wonderful Euro Trash Girl by CRACKER, sadly enough still one of the most underrated bands in the world.


It is really much more easier to determine the utmost candidate for Day 02 – Your least favourite song, at least at that time of the year: „Last Christmas“ (brrr)

How the hell can this boring void of nothing have so much more hits on Utube than Euro Trash Girl?

Hopefully, everybody will enjoy the next one, Day 03 – A song that makes you happy. During the last weeks this has been Ron Goodwin – Murder She Says. Great one:

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