Sunday, August 19, 2012

1000 SONGS- DAY 234 SONG #265

DAY 234: Some Songs from Brasil

Back in my teens, I owned an album by Jorge Ben, his 1970 recording Força Bruta. I do not own the album anymore and I have not listened to it for 30 years. But, as I do remember 3 songs from that album, I guess they are worth to be listed among my favourite 1000 Songs or so. Jorge Ben is a great musician, here are three tracks from that album and one extra dance track: Oba lá vem ela; Mulher Brasileira and Força Bruta (Samba!!!), the song the album was named after. As a bonus track I add Pais Tropical, for sure the most widely known song by Jorge Ben and maybe something like the secret anthem of Brasil. If you just want to be happy or dance or sing or all of them, start with that one!

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