Monday, August 20, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 235 SONG #266

Day 235: A Tribute to Cesária Évora

The last post being about Brazilian musician Jorge Ben, I decided to stay in the lusophone world for this entry, but make a trip to "little Brazil" as Kap Verdian singer Césaria Évora has called her home island of São Vicente in one of her many wonderful songs, Carnaval de São Vicente. It was the first song by her that I came to know, and later on I became a fan of her live record Cesária Évora à l'Olympia. I have not been to the Kap Verdian islands, but I would really like to be there at the Carnaval de São Vicente. My lack of proficiency in the Portuguese language might be an obstacle to the fulfillment of that dream. Be that as it may, here is a rendering of the original recording followed by the Jazzy Carnaval Mix by François K. & Joe Claussel, featured on the CD with remixes of Carnaval de São Vicente and Sangue de Beirona from 1999 (on the CD I own there are more tracks than listed on the site the link leads to; this track is my favourite re-mix, it is really worth listening to for all of the nearly ten minutes it takes). Back then when I was volunteering in a fair-trade shop I very frequently listened to the CD's of Cesária's music the shop had in stock. Enjoy the beautiful music!

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