Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1000 SONGS - DAY 261 SONG # 292

Day 261: Chase the devil

This post is dedicated to Mr Lee Scratch Perry, (one of) the inventor(s) of Dub, a subgenre of Reggae Music. In principle, Dub is a way of producing new tracks by re-mixing existing ones, with special emphasis on the rhythm section and the use of effects like reverb a.s.o. On many Reggae-albums we find the regular tracks and the dub versions of them. One rock-band that has included Dub-versions on (at least) their first album, are Blind Idiot God. Be that as it may, Lee "Scratch" Perry is the undisputed master of the genre, from times back in the late 60ies with the Upsetters until today. He has done some fine musical work 2gether with Dub Syndicate, the great Reggae-band of On U Sound fame (for them, see: 2011/05/1000-songs-day-43-song-71). Here is an early recording by Max Romeo with Perry's Upsetters (produced by LSP), a 2004 live recording from "Panic in Babylon" and one track from his early 1990's collaboration with Dub Syndicate, Time Boom X the Devil Dead, with an incantation to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Jah Rastafari legalize Ganja! (Time to give a course aon Afro-American Religions once more...).

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