Sunday, January 6, 2013

1000 SONGS - DAY 262 SONG #293

Day 262: The Meat Puppets

The Meat Puppets are a band from Phoenix, Arizona (107.92 miles away from the place that JoJo left for some California grass). Whatever those guys from Seattle, Washington may pretend, it is the Meat Puppets who have to get all the credit for the invention of Grunge. The band was formed in 1980 and still exists today. In principle, it is the band of Curt Kirkwood (voc., guit., most of the songwriting) and his brother Cris (bass; some of the songwriting) with changing other members. In the 80ies (this decade being not as bad as everybody says, at least outside of mainstream) the Meat Puppets released some albums that I really did like, among them "Up on the Sun" (1985) and "Huevos" (1987). Here are two songs from each of them, "Up on the Sun"  and  "Swimming Ground" from the first one; "Look at the Rain" and "I can't be Counted on" from the second one. Straight forward alternative rock, as we like it, but not without sophistication (as we like it). What all these songs have in common in my opinion, is that they are growers - they all start like "just a song" and from bar to bar they get more intense and take you with them (there is  musical substance in them).

A long time ago
I turned to myself
And said "You are my daughter"
I saw that the image I saw there was well
So you are my daughter
Well, then maybe we've got something to talk about
Who told you so?
That gold burns slow
Like coal camper's candles all lost in the snow
Then you are my daughter
and maybe we've got something to talk about

Lay down - you're on
The warmth that I'm weaving Is for you alone
Lay down - you're on

Up on the sun
Where it never rains or snows
There's an ocean with a wind that never blows
And if you see it closer
Then the finer points will show
Not too much more too much more

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