Sunday, October 27, 2013

1000 SONGS - DAY 295 SONG # 326

Day 295: Two Songs for Hermann

My dear friend Hermann keeps on sending me 3 or more CDs per month, which he has done for decades (he started with compact cassettes back in the 80ies). From time to time, more often than not, these CDs feature wonderful songs or wonderful versions of songs. I use to listen to Hermann's compilations (he actually has two or three series running) when cleaning the house or painting the walls or the windows and the like. Mostly, they are great for that purpose. Sometimes I have to stop what I am doing and just listen and do a replay or something like that. This has been the case right now (cth) with Giant Sand's rendering of El Paso and Out on the Weekend. No need to introduce Howe Gelb or the songs. Simply beautiful: 

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