Sunday, February 9, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 308 SONG # 339

Day 339: Songs by Johnny Hickman

Johnny Hickman is a great guitar player of Cracker fame, a decent person, a nice guy and he wrote some really beautiful songs. Here is a link to his homepage, where you can buy some of his music: Of all the songs posted here, I have at least bought one versio, because Johnny deserves to have some outcome of the great work he does to ease our minds. First, there is Little Tom, with lyrics, from his solo album "Palmhenge", after that, you'll find Hold of Myself, one of my all time fav tunes, in an "unplugged" version done by the great Hickman, and, later on, in the official Cracker version. May Johnny live on and prosper!!!

Well someone shot the president, on the night that I was born
I wasn't born to poverty or wealth
Just one in a million babies, often to be told
Keep their opinions to themselves
I really wasn't all that small but they called me Little Tom
And they sent me to school far away
I don't really get it and I may never know
But they said at the time that there was no other way,
no other way

Well they say I had a sister, but she died when I was young
In a home that the government had found her in
And the place they found for me they called the great opportunity
Still I wish she could have died with me around her
See some kids got a beatin', some kids went away
Sometimes I'd hear 'em leaving in the night
One time I saw Jesus standing outside in the rain
And he told me that I was gonna be all right,
gonna be all right

Well the priest there he bought me a suit, and we got in his car
And he took me for a ride downtown
Said the Army is the place for you,
You'll be a man before they're through
He walked away while I was just staring down
Now which God made the criminals, and which God made police
And which God makes the ones like me
Where do bad guys come from if they don't fall out of the sky
When I get out I'm gonna work at stayin free,
just stayin free

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