Saturday, January 18, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 307 SONG # 338

DAY 307: Two Great Cover Versions by Galaxie 500

Galaxie 500 were a US-American alternative rock band active in the late 80ies or so it seems. They are often said to have been largely influenced by Velvet Underground, and in fact there are some songs on the three albums they have released that very much sound like VU, but there are others too,  that sound, like, e.g., the Feelies. They have also done two beautiful cover versions (as far as I know; there might be more). Here are those, the first one of George Harrison's Isn't it a Pity. This is a simply great version (I do not comment on the many other more or less fine cover versions of that tune to be found). Although - as Galaxie 500 (and others) have shown - this is a really marvellous tune, I could not and cannot listen to the original recording done by George due to too much SCHMALTZ and very strange arrangements. But Galaxie 500 have done a version that brings out all the (more or less) hidden beauty in that song. This is the first song rendered here. Afterwards, I will go on with Galaxie 500's version of Joy Divison's "Ceremony". "Ceremony" was the first single by New Order after the death of Ian Curtis, with vocals done by Bernard Summer. I feature one of the three versions recorded by Joy Divison (in contradistinction to GH's failed attempt to make his point), the one from the STILL album - what a broken performance and so great (you will never get the lyrics from that one)

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