Thursday, May 22, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 313 Song # 344

Day 313: Take a Look at Yourself

Today,  in the course "Introduction to the General History of Religion", which is a cooperation of two colleagues and me (nobody can give a course like that on his/her own), America was on the list (2nd part: Aztecs, Inkas, Christianity in US., African-American and Afro-American Religions), and therefore the Nation of Islam. 5 Percenters seem to be an offspring of NOI, and Keith Edward Elam, aka The Guru, member of Gang Starr, seems to have been a 5 percenter. Anyway, he is dead, and he was one of the best voices in Rap history, and besides of being a member of Gang Starr (already featured on this here blog), he did that cool hip-hop-jazz fusion thing, called Jazzmatazz. Here is "Take a Look at Yourself" from the first, and "Lifesaver" from the second Jazzmatazz-album.

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