Saturday, May 24, 2014

1000 SONGS - DAY 314 Song # 345

Day 314: A Song from "The Denver Gentlemen" by The Denver Gentlemen

This here is a song from the 2005 album "The Denver Gentlemen" by The Denver Gentlemen. If you want to know some things about this band click HERE. The Denver Gentlemen have some relations to 16 Horspower and other dark "Denver-style-bands". Its idiosyncratic muscial style  has also been labelled as "Indie Rock" or "Gothic Country" a.t.l. Anyway, the song featured here is called "Dance and Make Babies", and to me, it is just music (like with religion, it is with music: no need for further labels). It is, indeed, very intersting kind of music:

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  1. I always loved The Denver Gentlemen and 16 Horsepower too. Saw the latter live in Vienna a few times, that's also how I found out about TDG.

    And let's not forget that Dave Eugene Edwards (I've also seen him solo in Vienna) is both in TDG and 16HP.

    Sometimes, sometimes, those bible texts and the gloomy atmosphere of 16HP gets too much for me though :)