Friday, July 31, 2015

1000 SONGS - DAY 337 SONG # 368

DAY 337: A Great Song by Robert Forster

I realised that I have only posted one song by the Go-Betweens, one of my absolutely favourite bands, on this here blog. Only explanation: I was unable to make a decision on which of all their great songs I could feature here. Anyway, here is a song by Robert, from the last orthodox album by the GB's - orthodox means, the album title features a double "l". Tallulah is the last of those. Be that as it may, The House Jack Kerouac Built is one of my fav songs form the great "Robert Foster dyed blonde hair"-era of my fav Aussie band. And, guys an gals, you don't expect me to explain who the Go-Betweens have been? One of the most underrated bands in the world, with brilliant sonwriting by Robert Foster and Grant McLennan, who died 48 yrs of age in 2006, what a loss.
Here come: the album version, the lyrics  (great lyrics: With friends like these -  you're damned as well), and a live rendering of this tune.

You and I together, with nothing showing at all,
In a darkened cinema, I'll give you pleasure in the stalls.
Want to give you tenderness, and my affection too.
If it's through clenched teeth, that's what you driven me
to Want us to be lovers
Want us to be friends
Want it like it's the living end.

Keep me away from her.
With your kittens - on the patchwork quilt,
Oh no, what am I doing here, in the house Jack Kerouac built.
There's white magic, and bad rock'n'roll,
Your friend there says, he's the gatekeeper to my soul.

The velvet curtains
The Chinese bell
With friends like these -  you're damned as well.

Keep me away from her.
Shake off your despondency, and your country girl act.
You are reading me poetry, that's Irish, and so black.
I know you're warm, the warmest person alive,
But are you warm, deep down inside?

Want us to be lovers
Want us to be friends
I want it like the world crumbles and then it ends.

Keep me away from her.
Baby, I'm lonely.
You're on the road with a bad crowd.

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