Monday, June 6, 2016

1000 SONGS - Day 351 Song # 382

Day 351: Attwenger 

Attwenger from Upper Austria are Markus Binder (dr, voc, lyrics) and Hans Peter Falkner (acc, voc). They started with a kind of crossover between Austrian Folk Music and Contemporary Approaches to Music and developed that style on various albums in various directions. Nuff said. Here are two great tracks: "dog" - which does not mean the animal we all like, but is Upper Austrian dialect for "day" ('tag')  {Bangok!} - and "hintn umi", which could be translated as "round the / behind my / back" ('hintenherum' 'hinter meinem rücken'). Everybody thinks that Falco was a serious contribution to contemporary music by an Austrian guy and since then .... I think, Attwenger are one of a kind of serious contribution to new musical sytles.

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