Monday, July 4, 2016

1000 SONGS - Day 352 Song #383

Day 383 - A Song About the Danger We All Live in

Bahamut - a kind of primordial being, as known from many cosmogonic myths around the world (methinks) is the main figure of a wonderful song by Hazmat Modine, a band from New York. This band's leader (virtuosity in playing the harmonica), Wade Schuman seems tohave written lyrics like that:

 No one has ever seen Bahamut
Some think it's a fish
Some think it's a newt
Some think it's a cat
All we know is that the lonely Bahamut
Floats endlessly through all time and all space
With all of us and everything
Floating in a single tear
Of his eye

Well, Bohemoth calls us his own
While Bahamut wanders alone
When they both go out to play
On that cold and rainy day

Simply great, great music, enjoy it if you can

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