Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 26 - SONG #46

DAY 26 - A song about hate

Tnis is the substitute for the category: "A song you once loved but now hate". I hope to have made clear before, that I find little to no sense in posting (about) songs I do not like on a blog called "Gerald's Music". This should be done on the "Other People's Music" blog or something like that. Songs about hate do not necessarily have to be performed in an aggressive style like one could think, as will be shown by the example of "THE HATE INSIDE" from the album "Sour Mash" by the "BEASTS OF BOURBON", Australian band featuring singer Tex Perkins, who became more widely known as the voice of "THE CRUEL SEA". I think that the first verse is an excellent opening statement to the subject of the song...

I didn't go to the AA meeting today
The hate inside gets purer every day
If the hate in me was let run free
It would surley bring this old world to an end
And my hate would go on living
To a never ever ending end

This hole in me gets bigger every day
My soul i feel my breath could blow away
Soon the hate inside won't be denied
Like a razor you can't bend
My hate would go on living
To a never ever ending end

I hate the dog
I hate my wife
I hate my two kids
And they hate me
Cause inside hate
Is all this family gives

The school bus has two empty seats today
The nieghbours think my wife has gone away
Two barrels I have loaded
And my mouth is open wide
My hate is no longer living
Just the never ever ending hate inside
It's the never ever ending hate inside

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