Saturday, March 3, 2012

1000 SONGS -DAY 182: SONG # 213

Day 182: A Song That Makes You Happy

A Tribe Called Quest certainly are one of the COOLEST hip-hop-crews ever. I know, that we have to take into account Gang Starr's Guru's Jazzmatazz and the whole Rebirth of Cool scene too, and a guy called Ronnie Jordan (more loosely than really connected to hiphop). But I still have a load of days to fill with music in the 1000 Days Song Challenge, so I will come back to that. Here is "Can I Kick It", third single by ATCQ, featuring the coolest samples up to that time (20 years ago or so), most prominently the one taken from Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side:

There are many remixes of the tune to be found on YouTube, you can search for them on your own. Instead of posting some of these, here is another ATCQ track, Bonita Applebum, as a kind of Bonus Track:

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