Saturday, March 24, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 192 SONG # 223

Day 192: Some Dark Songs

Yesterday I have posted track #500 (including cover versions & bonus tracks) in this here 1000 songs challenge. Still there is so much music from other/outer spheres to be acknowledged. Dark music from New Yorks 1980ies, for example. Live Skull, featuring Thalia Zedek on guitar and VOCALS, punch of freaks from the big apple, normally filed under "noise". To me, to be placed in a category w/h Sonic Youth, Band of Susans, Cop Shoot Cop & maybe: The Swans. From their 4th album, Dusted, two songs. recently put up on UTUBE by some persons who do understand, Kream & Machete:

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