Thursday, July 19, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 227 SONG # 258

Day 227: Two of my favourite Acid-Jazz Songs

Call it what you like: Jazz-Funk or Acid-Jazz or whatsoever. At least it is very british. It is very cool music made for and taken from the dancefloors of the 90ies, a kind of reconciliation between danceable music and jazz (the latter having become an academic discipline although it had initially been the music of pimps and gangstas), related to the invention of cool hip hop using jazz samples (Jazzmatazz, f.e.). Ronny Jordan is normally acknowledged as a pioneer of the acid jazz movement, and from his 1993 (double vinyl) album I feature "The Jackal" featuring Dana Bryant. Cool song. A British group that played a main role in the Acid-Jazz times was known as Galliano, one of the main acts signed to the Talkin' Loud label. After having listened to The Jackal you will be left with So Much Confusion

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