Saturday, July 21, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 228 SONG #259

Day 228: A song about hard work

There are some songs about hard work, most of those I know stem from the musical traditions of African-Americans. I wonder why? Maybe this is my music, rhythm & blues, soul and funk, with a bit of real jazz added. After listening to some versions of the songs I have chosen  for this blog-entry, I am quite sure. But who knows what tomorrow might bring (to quote Bryan Ferry). Certainly, it is not an easy fate to be working on the chain gang. The classic song about it has been written by Sam Cooke, and his interpretation of it is also THE classic one. Nevertheless, the rendering of the song by Otis Redding is also nice, interesting and fine (that is the way some of the early Rolling Stones recordings sounded, those that were truly rhythm & blues, minus horns). Nevertheless, the arrangement of the brass section on the version done by Jackie Wilson & Count Basie is the utmost musical achievement related to that song, in my humble opinion. But I DO like all of these versions, choose your favourite one!

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