Sunday, October 28, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 248 SONG # 279

DAY 248: Beautiful Music from Seattle

There is more than Grunge and SubPop to Seattle. F.e., Transmissionary Six, a band with ties to the Walkabouts, The Willard Grant Conspiracy and the like (sounds like alternative folk rock). In principle, singer/songwriters Terri Moeller and Paul Austin form Transmissionary Six, both of them having also been members of the Walkabouts. They have recorded 7 albums from 2002 to 2008 before giving up the project. Now they have started again, as one can read on their homepage. German Wikipedia is more detailed about them than the English one (so, I guess, they are more successful in Europe than in North America). Therefore, I've linked to the description of the band on the homepage of  FILMguerrero, (one of) their record label(s). Ever since I have first heard "Infrared" (thx to Hermann Dörfler), this tune stuck to my mind. I had a hard time searching for it, since there is a Placebo song called Infrared, that will always pop up before the TM6 tune in search machines. It has a kind of Velvet Underground or Lou Reed feeling to me (or a bit of Galaxy 500), but this is not all about the tune, there is an extra, that only TM6 seem to be able to add to that kind of music. The other tune is Zero Gravity (also featured on TM6's homepage). Go and buy their records!:

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