Sunday, October 23, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 108: SONG # 138

Day 108 - A Song You Would Like to Hear on the Radio

Whatever certain bands may boast about being the best or the greatest rock band on earth, it is not true - don't believe the hype. Truth is, that CRAZY HORSE is the best rock band of all times and all genres. There is so much beautiful music by Uncle Neil - if he had not done a good part of his recordings and simply was the lead guitarits, singer & songwriter of this band, he wozuld also have his place in the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame for eternity. Ragged Glory is one of my fav NY albums, and Love and Only Love has everything a CRazy Horse classic tune needs.:the typical NY-riff, stable and precise work by the rhythm section, wall of sound, pushing slowly forward like a freight train. I imagine listening to this on the radio in a car on a sunny day driving through a beutiful landscape. Here is a rather fine live version:

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