Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 112: SONG # 142

Day 142: Songs for a Foggy Austrian National Holiday

It is a tendency of mine to stay at home on foggy and rainy autumn days, and in case that this circumstance of wheather goes together with a holiday, there is also a good chance that I can do it. I do not know why, but today's outside climate and the according inside cozy feeling seem to be perfectly accompanied by some tracks from Swagger, maybe the best album by one of the most underrated bands in the world, Bristol's Blue Aeroplanes. I remember to have been at a great gig of this band at Vienna's Kennedy's Club some 20 years ago and I am relatively sure that the occasion of their touring has been to promote Swagger. They have a load of guitar players, a very cool and overtly pretentious frontman and a polish guy whose only job is dancing. They are a bunch of COOL guys, or however you would put that. I will begin with the song from Swagger that is most appropriate for toaday's wheather, Weightless:

Then there is my favourite song by this band, Jacket Hangs - I dug this version because I do not like the VEVO versions and the live version on UTUBE have rather poor quality, soundwise:

And, since they are a great big live band, one live version of a song from SWAGGER, "... and stones", live on WDR:

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