Saturday, October 29, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 114: SONG # 144

DAY 114: Songs I Would Like to Hear at My Funeral

On former entries on songs I'd like to hear at my funeral, I have emphasised that I'd like to see people dance at my funeral (if there is any chance to see or hear something at your own funeral). Be that as it may, a funeral is also a good opportunity for people attending to stop and think, repent, pledge and go on in their senseless ways afterwards. With this in mind I recommend to the MC of my funeral to have at least one break in the dancing and feasting to listen to the following three songs; one by an old man (it was written, when he was younger, but it seems to fit him better as he has grown old (not bitter...)), the Sisters of Mercy by the great LC. Everybody has to think about mercy at a funeral.

Other two songs by Gillian Welch, People who have been followers of this here blog might have noticed that she is among my favourite singer/songwriters, and very near to the top of the list. First one is about the fear to die, one thing that people should reflect on when attending a funeral.

Second one (I have posted a live-version of this song on this blog before, but not on the 1000-songs-challenge), is a gospel, and cynical as I might be when it comes to religion, I was raised a Christian and I do have respect for my saviour. And this is a song that could convince a sinner to repent. As there are only live versions of lower audio quality and some videos full of religious kitsch, here is a non-embedeable version, just a LINK

As a bonus track, a song about a drunkard at his mother's grave - who came one day to late for her funeral - as sung by Johnny Cash, the one and only:

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