Sunday, January 1, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 157: SONG #188

Day 157: A song you know all the words to

For Your Pleasure by Roxy Music was the first RM album that I did own, and Roxy Music was the first band that was "my own" when growing up; all the other bands I came to know mainly because of my brother listening to them. I once have given away all my records and later on I have bought some of them again, amongst them "For Your Pleasure". When listening to it for the first time after 10 years or so, I still knew all the words from the beginning of the first song to the end of the last song. Do the Strand was the hit single on that album, and The Bogus Man has already been featured on that blog (2011-01-16, one of the songs from my favourite band - RM on their first five albums). Beauty Queen has always been my secret favourite track on "For Your Pleasure" (second track, first side -listen to the relaxed way in which the Great Paul Thompson plays his signature beat with syncopated bass drum patterns) and so has been Grey Lagoons (second track, second side - listen to the accelerated way that the Great Paul Thompson plays his signature beat)

Valerie please believe
It never could work out
The time to make plans
Has passed, faded away
Oooh the way you look
Makes my starry eyes shiver
Then I look away
Too much for one day
One thing we share
Is an ideal of beauty
Treasure so rare
That even devils might care
Your swimming-pool eyes
In sea breezes they flutter
The coconut tears
Heavy-lidded they shed
Swaying palms at your feet
You're the pride of your street
While you worship the sun
Summer lover of fun
Gold number with neighbours
Who said that you'll go far
Maybe someday be a star
A fast mover like you
And your dreams will all come true
All of my hope, and my inspiration
I drew from you
Our life's pattern's drawn in sand
But the winds could not erase
The memory of your face
Deep in the night
Plying very strange cargo
Our soul-ships pass by
Solo trips to the stars - in the sky
Gliding so far
That the eye cannot follow
Where do they go
We'll never know

Blue suns and grey lagoons
Silver starfish with honeymoons
All these and more to choose
If you
Satin teardrops on velvet lights
Morning sickness on Friday nights
Heaven knows what others I might bring
To you
Broken partings making strange goodbyes
Hopeless cases with fake alibis
Even hoping we'll be there to share
With you
Blue suns and grey lagoons
Grey lagoons
Grey lagoons

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