Sunday, January 22, 2012

1000 SONGS -DAY 169: SONG # 200

Day 169: A song mentioned by Frank Zappa in an interview and featured in the soundtrack of "Coffee and Cigarettes"

Song #200 (of 450 tracks including alternate versions and bonus tracks) featured in the 1000 Songs Challenge has to be a very special one. I chose a very simple one for the reasons given in the title of today's post. How can a song that Zappa and Jarmusch both seem to (have) like(d) be a bad one? After all, it is pure Rock'n Roll, and that what it is all about. Lets start with the first recording of the song, as we can also hear it in the cinema when watching "Coffee & Cigarettes", by Richard Berry and the Pharaos:

The Kinks with a strange video to it:

Finally (out of many other possible choices) Louie Louie, as rendered by IGGY POP, and featured on the soundtrack of C& C:

And the clip from the Zappa Interview I had in mind:

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