Friday, January 20, 2012

1000 SONGS- DAY 168: SONG #199

Day 168: Songs by Great Performers Who Died Recently

Etta James died today; she has been one of the most prolific rhythm & blues and soul singers ever. And she has done a version of James Brown's classic anti-anti-sexist song (or whatever) "This is a Man's World", and as that has to be acknowledged as a very fine ironic gesture - and as I do like irony like the robin likes to sing - here it is, the man's world in Etta James' rendering of it:

Another version that inverts gender roles is Etta James' version of the Willie Dixon song "I Just Wanna Make Love to You":

And now for a song that has first been recorded by Etta, "I'd Rather Go Blind":

Another legend has died a few days ago (Jan. 17, 2012), a guy called Johnny Otis, and here is a classic song done by him: "Willie and the Hand Jive" (there is a photograph of Bo Diddley, for reasons I ignore, but it is the Johnny Otis song):

And for all the folks that might think that this is an Eric Clapton song: FUCK YA!!

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