Thursday, February 23, 2012

1000 SONGS -DAY 178: SONG # 209

Day 178: A Song From Your Childhood

This is an easy one; I have been still a child in 1968 (a young 68'er) and I did like that song ever since it had been written by Bob Dylan. No need to explain who that guy could possibly be, no chance to get a version done by him (e.g. the one on "Self Portrait") to post here, because his songs are forbidden for the members of the Kopimist Church.
This song is called The Mighty Quinn (although some hold it to be "Quinn the Eskimo"), and here is the performance of it as it has been done by Manfred Mann's band back in 68', which is - to me - still the classic rendering of the song. No need to print the lyrics, as they are included in the U-Tube-Vid brought to your attention here:

Other versions have been brought forth, f.e., by british singer Lulu (wonderful R&B arrangement):

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