Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 203 SONG # 234

Day 203: A song to be played at my funeral

As I have said before, at my funeral, I want people to dance. And I definitely do want them to dance to some pretty awful good kind of music. One suggestion is to dance to Dixie Chicken, the most famous song of the kings of the shuffle, Little Feat. I imagine this as the end of the funeral: me, I'm dead and gone, the few guys & gals who care about it, dance out of the cemetery to that tune, in their best clothes. Lowell George is dead for more than 30 years and also Richie Hayward has passed away some years ago. But their music will live on. BTW, does anybody know why they have put on Emmylou and Bonnie on the show and have either forgot to put on their microphones or have lost their voices in the mix?

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