Saturday, April 14, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 205 SONG # 236

Day 205: Another Song by Tuxedo Moon

It is strange to hear an "underground/alternative" band playing music pretty acceptable to many persons who would have shrugged at hearing some of the early recordings of that very band; nevertheless, this song from Tuxedo Moon's 2004 album "Cabin in the Sky" is worthwhile listening to, even for the hardboiled fan:

And for those hardboiled gals & guys, here it is, the true essence of musique noire:


  1. von IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING gibt's ├╝brigens eine echt gute Version von "Mo & The Gangsters in Love"

  2. Ah ja und von "Nouvelle Vague" ebenfalls. Hab ich glatt vergessen gehabt - die findet man sogar auf YOU TUBE.