Sunday, April 22, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 206 SONG # 237

Day 206: A Song That fits into several categories

This song is (one of) my favourite song(s), it is a song I can play on an instrument (drums) and it is a song I wish I could play, since I wish I could sing like the singer, one of my favourite singers, could. The song reminds me of many occasions when I heard it and was  taken away, to the point of crying. It is pure emotional expression and it always struck me that a singer being dead still can reach me, touch me, turn me around and take me with her on that very deep, intimate personal level (which is some very special thing about MUSIC). My favourite version still is the one from the live record, but I start with the studio version, from the album  I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!:


Time keeps movin' on,
Friends they turn away.
I keep movin' on
But I never found out why
I keep pushing so hard the dream,
I keep tryin' to make it right
Through another lonely day, whoaa.

Dawn has come at last,
Twenty-five years, honey just in one night, oh yeah.
Well, I'm twenty-five years older now
So I know we can't be right
And I'm no better, baby,
And I can't help you no more
Than I did when just a girl.

Aww, but it don't make no difference, baby, no, no,
And I know that I could always try.
It don't make no difference, baby, yeah,
I better hold it now,
I better need it, yeah,
I better use it till the day I die.

Don't expect any answers, dear,
For I know that they don't come with age, no, no.
Well, ain't never gonna love you any better, babe.
And I'm never gonna love you right,
So you'd better take it now, right now.

Oh! But it don't make no difference, babe, hey,
And I know that I could always try.
There's a fire inside everyone of us,
You'd better need it now,
I got to hold it, yeah,
I better use it till the day I die.

Don't make no difference, babe, no, no, no,
And it never ever will, hey,
I wanna talk about a little bit of loving, yeah,
I got to hold it, baby,
I'm gonna need it now,
I'm gonna use it, say, aaaah,

Don't make no difference, babe, yeah,
Ah honey, I'd hate to be the one.
I said you're gonna live your life
And you're gonna love your life
Or babe, someday you're gonna have to cry.
Yes indeed, yes indeed, yes indeed,
Ah, baby, yes indeed.

I said you, you're always gonna hurt me,
I said you're always gonna let me down,
I said everywhere, every day, every day
And every way, every way.
Ah honey won't you hold on to what's gonna move.
I said it's gonna disappear when you turn your back.
I said you know it ain't gonna be there
When you wanna reach out and grab on. 

By the way, the singer is Janis, the song is called Kozmic Blues, here is the live version: 


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