Sunday, May 13, 2012

1000 SONGS - DAY 212 SONG #243

Day 212: 3 Songs from one of my favourite Dub Albums

Dub Syndicate of On-U-Sound fame have already been featured here and I have already named them among my all time favourite bands.There is a nice album consisting mainly of cover versions (if I am right) on which (one of the set-ups of) Dub Syndicate back Dr. Pablo, a "white" guy from England playing the melodica. One should not confuse him with Augustus Pablo, a Dub musician from Jamaica, who has introduced the melodica to Reggae music. Dr Pablo named himself after Augustus. Here are three tracks from "North of the River Thames", very meditative music - it does not require to smoke some herb to enjoy it, but maybe the mood can be described as herbal relaxation.... Because of the herb I start with a piece of music that is mostly known for the Herb Alpert version of it, "A Taste of Honey". I go on with Dr Pablo's  rendering of the theme of a sci-fi television show, Dr Who. Last, not least, a song written by Michael Carr, made famous by The Shadows and lately covered by Muse, amongst others: Man of Mistery. I end with Herb Alpert and The Shadows, in case you do not recognize the tunes.

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