Sunday, May 15, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY #43: SONG #71

Song # 71: A Song From Your Favourite Band

There is no such thing as a "favourite band" of mine. This can best be shown by the status of DUB SYNDICATE as one of my "favourtite bands". Dub was invented by Lee "Scratch" Perry (among others) as a style of adding "special effects" to Roots Reggae. Adrian Sherwood, a genius among the producers, the mastermind of ON U SOUND (already featured in that blog), has done what Nietzsche suggests that all disciples should do: he has gone far beyond the limits set by and to LSP; within the varying set-ups of musicians being a member of the ON-U-SOUND SYSTEM, DS has always been a special set of musicians, featuring artists also part of other "bands" within the ON-U-SOUND-world as well as supplying basic tracks to various records released by the label, by the likes as Bim Sherman or Gary Clail. DS has also done recordings together with Lee "Scratch" Perry and, they are a fine live-act, although the set-up of musicians may change. Each one of the following tracks is a "favourite song" of mine



An hommage to a famous Indian sitar player, called RAVI SHANKAR, featured on TUNES FROM THE MISSING CHANNEL

And a live version of CUSS CUSS, my favourite track from the album STRIKE THE BALANCÉ

not the best sound quality, but a great live performance of WADADA:

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