Saturday, April 23, 2011

1000 SONGS- DAY 35: SONG(S) # 61

Day 35 - your favourite song

It is not easy, it seems to be a hard task It is literally impossible to name a favourite song, as there are at least 1000 of them. It is not even a simple undertaking to name my 4 favourite songs by a single one artist, if it is someone like David Bowie. So here is a disclaimer: there will be other songs of Bowie I also do like as much as the ones featured here, particularly from the 4 albums I chose to take my favourite Bowie songs from. I want to add, that this post is dedicated to Elisabeth Ferner and Holly Welker. Elisabeth's personality has definitely influenced the choice of (at least) two of the songs; she will know. And, to all I know (not 2 much), HW is a big/huge fan of DB.
Despite of that, this one is an easy post, since I will not have to explain to anyone anything about the person of David Bowie or the albums featured here: first track is from

Ziggy Stardust

Rock'n Roll suicide:

Second one from A Lot Insane (Alladin Sane), Lady Grinnig Soul:

Next one, from "Station to Station", is called "Wild is the Wind" (wonderful piece of kitsch...):

Last, and definitely not least (probably my favourite one of Bowie's tracks ) Sound and Vision, from LOW:

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