Monday, April 25, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 37 - SONG # 63

Day 37: 3 Songs by David Lowery that make me feel happy

Time to bring on Camper Van Beethoven, David Lowery's band before and beside Cracker; I got to know them in the middle of the 80ies by listening to OE3-Musicbox moderated by legendary DJ Werner Geier. Good Guys Bad Guys is a wonderful song to feel happy, it has simple yet great lyrics ("so just be glad to live in America, just relax and be yourself, because if you didn't live here in America, you'd probably live somewhere else" - this makes up for a whole library of philosophical dissertations...). And, it has always worked very well in bringing people to the dancefloor back then...

Another classic example of the wonderfully fine humour you can find in Lowery's early songs is "The Day Lassie Went to the Moon". Every owner of a dog has to love it; and every fan of early Pink Floyd (the Syd Barrett group) has to like the organ in that part that is (n)either a bridge (n)or a chorus. Btw, CvB have recorded a cover-version of Interstellar Overdrive .

Last, definitely not least (again), Take the Skinheads Bowling, great great great song - famous because of being featured in Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine; sadly enough, the person who did the upload has de-activated embedding, so you will have to follow the link:

Take the Skinheads Bowling

Maybe I have to be thankful to my wife who always stopped me when I started singing that song on the occasion of seeing some skinheads on the street. Also CvB are still alive, which they prove by excellent gigs. Here, a more than "20 years after" performance by CvB (2008) of that rousing song. You're never too old to rock'n roll....

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