Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 39 - SONG # 65

SONG 65: A song that reminds you of someone

It is always a woman I am reminded of. Back in the liminal phase between secondary school and university (the year of having finished the first without making even the slightest attempt to take the latter seriously) there was a girl whose name, beautiful eyes and marvellous blonde locks I remember; in addition, some scenarios, more or less shady images come to my mind when thinking of her; what I do not remember, is when or where we met, how it started and how it ended. I used to hang around with a bunch of really weird guys at that time (remember the one who had his appartment walls painted black), so I blame it all on me and on not knowing who I was or could probably become, searching in all but the right direction.
One of the scenarios I remember is her room in her mother's house in a bourgeois setting in Vienna. I am quite sure I never met her mother and that there was no father (present). She had that record player and we were mainly listening to two records: Patti Smith's Radio Ethiopia and Bob Marley's Kaya. So I remember lying in bed and listening to Bob Marley sing "Wake up and turn I loose..". For Josée, wherever she may be, 4 songs from that album and my apologies for having been such a weirdo:

Easy Skanking:

Sun is Shining:

Misty Morning:

Time Will Tell:

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