Saturday, August 13, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 101: SONG # 131

Day 101: A Song From Your Favourite Band

One of my all time favourite rock bands is Thin White Rope, great in the genres "swampy" and "desert". I do not have any idea, what became of Guy Kyser after the band dissolved in 1992, but I do know, that the two tracks "Up to Midnight" and "Hunter's Moon" (from their last studio album "The Ruby Sea", 1991) will forever be on my playlist. They should be listened to in a row, as there is no pause between them on the album. Unfortunately, the two guys that did uploads of the songs to Utube (THXXX!!!!) did cut off the second or the first track respectively. I think, the songs are extremely well fitting to the feeling of a warm summer night [sorry for the lower sound quality of Hunter's Moon):

And, as bonus tracks, two cover-versions done by TWR, from their EP "Squatter's Rights", first one of Lee Hazelwoods classic "Some Velvet Morning", second one of the Jazz-Standard "Caravan":

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