Monday, August 8, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 97: SONG # 127

Day 97: Songs that Remind Me of My College Days

Still in search for the lost time, I came upon my college days and Tom Waits came to my mind. When looking for that songs, I realised, that I was still a student at age 26 (at least, I finished my first thesis at age 27). Back in those times, when one could study along and along (no Bologna-process) and afterwards look whether there would be something like an opportunity to make some career in some field, we used to divide our days and nights between editing a student's magazine, spending time in a Viennese Kaffehaus (chez Josef), attending gigs by almost every alternative band in the world and having some parties. Whenever I hear a Tom Waits song from Rain Dogs or Swordfish Trombone, I get the feeling back. So, here are a few songs from the A-side (back in those days, albums did have TWO sides with music on them). No need to explain, who Tom Waits is. The songs are my favourite ones from Rain Dogs (at least from that series of songs on side 1), the music also reminds me of a wonderful winter's week with the posse in a little hut in the woods (I know, there was a lot of quarreling, too).

Jockey Full of Bourbon:

Tango Till They're Sore (let me fall out of the window with confetti in my hair), no better song about the feeling at sunrise after a night of drinking in some place not your own:

BIG BLACK MARIAH, this songs also reminds me of a girl named Maria I used to call the Big Black mariah in those days.

Diamonds and Gold:

And as a bonus track, a cover version of Diamonds an Gold by two very nice girls:

Enjoy your college days!

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